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How to Train Your Brain to Stay Positive

March 24, 2013


As an entrepreneur, conquering challenge and failure is essential to the success of your business. You can learn to cultivate that resilience by training your brain to stay positive when times are tough. “People tend to have a cognitive bias toward their failures, and toward negativity,” says Matthew Della Porta, a positive psychologist and organizational consultant. […]

8 Ways to Improve Your ‘About Us’ Page

November 5, 2012


Chances are, it’s one of the most-visited pages on your site. It’s probably also the weakest.  Here’s how to fix it. Which page of your website gets the most visitors? If you’re like most businesses, your About Us page is at or near the top of the list. That’s great–unless you treat your About Us […]

8 Social Media Numbers that Will Rock Your Business

October 30, 2012


Facebook, Twitter and their spawn are about to change how the world does business. Don’t believe it? Get a load of how far things have already gone. In the beginning was the Web. And the Web was information–all the world’s knowledge, linked together in html code. That was disruptive, and it was good. Well, more […]

5 Ways to Make Money on Twitter

September 10, 2012


What, in 140 characters or fewer, is Twitter? Well, it’s a money-losing website made up of very short messages (like this one) where your kids (and C-list celebrities) waste time. It’s also a popular new medium—tens of millions of users and counting—that businesses use to build brands (and sometimes destroy them). All this you know. […]

Voice Mail in Decline with Rise of Text, Loss of Patience

September 5, 2012


With the rise of texting, instant chat and transcription apps, more people are ditching the venerable tool that once revolutionized the telephone business, displaced armies of secretaries and allowed us to eat dinner more or less in peace. The behavioral shift is occurring in tandem with the irreversible fading of voice calls in general, prompting […]

30 Tips for Using Social Media in Your Business

September 4, 2012


Wading into the fast-moving flow of social media can be daunting to a small business owner with very little time on his hands. Here’s Inc.’s comprehensive social media cheat sheet for the time-strapped entrepreneur. 1. Offer a peek behind the scenes. Offering a sneak preview of new products, services, or features online can help build […]