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The One Reason Every Blogger Should Use Google+

September 3, 2013


Writer Cyrus Shepard from The Moz Blog tested several variety of headshots and found that when the right one was selected, his click-through-rate (CTR) jumped a whopping 35%. He concedes that it was an unscientific test that didn’t isolate other possible variables, but he was tracking CTR results using Google Analytics. He also noticed that […]

The truth about social media for business: It’s a risk

April 29, 2013


Last’s week’s Twitter-fueled crash erased $136 billion in value in minutes, underscoring concerns about companies’ use of social media. By Verne Kopytoff, Fortune Magazine FORTUNE — A fraudster hacks into a company’s Twitter account and posts a phony announcement about sales reaching an all-time high. Shares in the company soar and then quickly crash after investors […]

Freelancers: What’s your work worth?

January 9, 2013


Whether you are an independent consultant or freelancer who charges by the hour, day, week, or project, you are trading time for money. A few tips on giving your work a proper price. By Katherine Reynolds Lewis FORTUNE — For many, being self-employed offers a promise of doing fulfilling work on your own terms. But […]

New LinkedIn Profile Changes Made Easy

January 2, 2013


LinkedIn keeps changing things up. Frustrating? Maybe. But if you want a power-profile make sure to check out the most recent changes. Last week I received an e-mail saying that my new LinkedIn profile was ready for updates. Rolling my eyes I thought, really? Didn’t we just do this?  Meeting yet another profile change with resistance was […]

4 Myths of Global Branding

November 2, 2012


What rights do you have when protecting your trademark internationally? You may be surprised. The world is shrinking. Are you ready? It seems like only yesterday that the Internet changed the way that we think about commerce. In a flash the dream of a truly global economy took a giant leap forward. No longer is […]