Random Acts of Kindness

Posted on December 1, 2012


Mission: to encourage more Random Acts of Kindness within, and without, our communities. Please share your experiences on this page and encourage kindness across our planet and within our own homes. 
This Page was inspired in part by Robert Scarlett of Nevada City, California. ;))”While likely none of us really need another page to like or photo to comment on, or cause to promote, it came to my attention recently that what I need is a little more kindness, for myself and for others. In a Facebook conversation this week, Robert Scarlett commented on a string of comments posted on my wall, som

e of which were quite negative. To them, Robert responded:”The thing I take comfort in CiCi is knowing that their is far far more love on this planet than hatred and division. All one needs to do is look around our loving community. The random acts of kindness and mercy never gets reported. Not newsworthy enough.”So, Robert Scarlett, I took this to heart and decided maybe we do need just one more page on FB. Maybe it would be a good idea to create a space for local folks to share the GOOD things that happened to them, or to someone else, each day. Maybe we do need to be reminded of all the good that surrounds us, as least as much as we are bombarded with negative life stories.This is a place where you can share those random acts of kindness that affect your life, or have touched the lives of those you know. Maybe we can spread a little more light and love throughout our community….


Why not start today!

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