5 Steps to Get the Most Impact from Social Media Investments

Posted on March 17, 2012


ImageSocial media has completely transformed the way we shop, relax, look for jobs, pursue our hobbies and reconnect with old friends and acquaintances. Why hasn’t this translated to business?

Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, LinkedIn and Google+ have never been more popular with consumers. According to Nielson’s 2011 Social Media Report, social networks and blogs now account for nearly a quarter of the time spent online. Facebook alone reports over 800 million active users. If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world!

Marketers and big brands have also embraced social media as a way to reach a broader, more connected audience. Yet despite its exploding consumer popularity, many businesses are not doing enough to leverage it as a tool for connecting with customers, driving conversations around content, and extending their brands online.


While virtually all corporate web properties today incorporate some kind of social media — ranging from just a link, to a corporate Facebook page, to incorporating social tools like commenting, rating, polls and forums — many shy away from true, one-to-one social interaction with their customers. And even fewer have the technologies in place to meet the growing and evolving demand for online interaction, provide effective measurement of their social media investments, or actively leverage the results of these social interactions to drive new business online.

Research performed last year by eMarketer found that 80% of companies with at least 100 employees expected to use social networks for marketing in 2011. Yet marketing research firm Penn Schoen Berland, revealed that only 27% of companies listed social media as a top strategic priority, and 19% said that having a social strategy was not necessary at all. This leads us to wonder why more businesses aren’t truly social businesses.

 By Douglas Heise (@coremedia_news)   Mar 13, 2012  


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